Our Product

   Dinamix® motion pictures are two images combined together which, when changing from one to another, generate an impression of movement. Dinamix® is an innovative and revolutionary product in the photography industry that is ideal for event entertainment. Using our software and Dinamix® screens, you take pictures of people in two fun poses and the pictures come to life! You can now present people with a fun memento on the spot.

Dinamix®is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes including business cards, calendars, post cards, magnets, key rings, mouse pads and many others. Frames and picture sizes are completely customizable and you can add company logos for corporate/branding projects.  We can even print a message on the back of the card.

Product Advantages:

* Innovative, unique and eye-catching

* Quick and easy turnaround (less than 1 minute)

* High traffic generator at stands during trade shows and events

* Fully customized with logos, backgrounds, messages, etc.

* Unlimited demand and affordable for everyone

* Social media boom! Instantly transferable to cell phones and other multi-media devices

* Generate databases with the information collected at the event